Burton Hall Wedding Photographer

let me tell you mine..

This is my dream job! when I was a kid, you'd find me with a camera in hand documenting all of my family holidays - now, you’ll find me at the end of the aisle capturing the very first moment you and your partner say ‘I do’, to your guests dancing the night away from the most magical day of your lives.

My dedication to my clients extends to being your hype women if the pre-wedding nerves start to kick in, timekeeping to ensure you get all of those special shots, and overall looking out for any outfit, hair or makeup malfunctions that may have happen throughout the day. I even helped a bride of mine sew her dress back together after one of the straps had snapped. The bride looked at me in pure panic and said ‘what do I do?!’. I acted fast and ran to my car to get a small sewing kit I keep with me just in case of an emergency like this! I ended up leaving her with the sewing kit in case it happened to her or any of her guests.

Moments like these really remind me of the importance of going above and beyond for my clients. It’s hard to think of yourself as ‘just’ as a photographer when you’re one of the people who spend the most time with the couple on their wedding. Because of this close bond I form with my couples throughout the day, clients feel comfortable to ask for tips regarding poses, confide in me about their worries, and guest dynamics which overall gives me a deeper insight into how I can create the perfect album for them.

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