Should I do a 'First Look'?

First looks are an amazing opportunity to take in the day. Regardless of whether or not your loved ones have seen you in your wedding outfit, it is entirely different seeing you in all of your bridal glory, moments before taking the first steps into your new future.

What if they've already seen the dress?

Your loved ones most likely have been with you on your journey to trying to find the perfect vendors. From discussing how you want your hair and makeup to look, to scrolling through countless websites trying to find the perfect photographer, finally seeing it all come together will create a whole new set of emotions that I can’t wait to capture for you. This is one of my favourite moments! Many brides say it's one of the most joyous parts of their day and definitely can be therapeutic for relieving wedding

What about my makeup?

This is one of my favourite moments to photograph on a wedding day because it keeps that emotion forever. The only thing to consider is; crying on your new makeup! Maybe ask your makeup artist to hang around an extra few minutes for a top up?

Many brides say it's one of the most joyous parts of their day and definitely can be really therapeutic for relieving a lot of wedding day stresses and nerves.

Let's see the goods then!

First Look With Your Other Half!

For those of you who are more into the private and intimate moments, or for those who love creating more photo opportunities, this is a perfect way to capture one of the most important events on your wedding day! This is an opportunity for you and your partner to have that shared special moment together, and helps couples to take some of the pressure off. Plus, you'll be surprised how sentimental the reactions will still be when you meet again at the alter - it's another completely different feeling walking down the aisle to your friends and family, and having that added reassurance from your partner just moments before.

I recommend leaving 20/30 minutes in your schedule for first look so that you are not rushed for time and also can do those makeup top ups with the girls if needed.