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Do I Need Photos of Groom Prep?

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What's Groom Prep All About?

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Share The Moments You Won't See

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and see what your other half is getting up to on your wedding day? This is exactly why having a second photographer is a must! Once the confetti is swept away and your flowers dwindle, the value of these photos tells the story of the few private moments you and your partner spent apart.

Groom Prep Doesn't Have to be All Poses!

Whether it's having a few beers in the morning with the lads, or all of you struggling to figure out how you get on a tie - it can be as fun or as formal as you make it! These pictures showcase a groom prep we did where the groom and groomsmen were done within minutes (oh the joys of not having to spend hours on hair and makeup!). We figured out they all shared a love for cars and that's when we came up with a fun idea to surprise the bride with their very own Greece lightning-inspired photoshoot!

Niche ideas like these ones are what make your album so special and individual to you. It's also the first time your groom will be getting used to having photos taken of them, so its good practice and I think they always surprise themselves at how much they end up playing up tp the camera !